Attention Condo Managers, Management Companies & Condo Boards!

Reduce Your Communication Costs By More Than 50%

Built-in Security: All Chipmunk Tel Lines Come with Secure Log Files to See Who Has Called

Chipmunk Tel is now available for Condos. Save hundreds of dollars on your condo’s monthly communication costs with a Chipmunk Tel Condo Solution. Our team of communication experts will review your condo and recommend the most cost effective solution. We will take care of everything – from soup to nuts!

Save your Board (and residents) hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year! We have low-cost phone lines for:

  • Entry Door Phone, with Secure Log File (Click here to see example)
  • Elevator Phones
  • Garage Door Entry Phone
  • On-Site Management Office, with Advanced Voice Mail
  • Pool, Gym, Party Room, etc.
  • New! Now Offering Low-cost Conference Calling Solutions for Condo Boards

Call us today at 647-479-6905 and speak to one of our Condo Phone Reps. Or email us at

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“We are using Chipmunk Tel in several of our buildings. It’s a great solution and implementation was quick and painless. Our corporations and their owners are literally saving hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of dollars a year.”
David Pal, Regional Manager, Zoran Properties Inc.