Protiigo was created because we were fed up paying so much for our home phone bill, month after month… after month.

We would call our phone company three or four times a year to try and get them to lower our phone bill. They took $4 off one month only to charge $5 more the next month. It was annoying because we were not using our home phone that often, and it was crazy to pay so much. We considered cancelling our home phone. But we had our phone number for so long and family and friends knew our number by heart.

We had enough!

We began searching for an alternative. We knew it was going to use the internet. We also knew we wanted:

  • NEW FEATURE: Voicemail Transcription – Automatically get a transcription of your voicemail message sent to your e-mail address
  • NEW FEATURE: Conference Calling – A Perfect Solution for the Home Office
  • NEW FEATURE: Send and Receive Text Messages Through Your Home Phone
  • Be incredibly cheap
  • Provide all the options the big phone companies offer
  • Allow us to keep our current home phone number
  • Be simple to set up
  • No Contracts – Be able to cancel at anytime
  • Use high quality hardware
  • Deliver crystal clear audio

We were able to find all these things separately, but there was no single company that put them all together in a simple and easy way. So we decided to do it ourselves. The result was so awesome, when we told our friends, they wanted it too. Protiigo Tel was born.

Now we go to work every day and do the two things we love most. We help people connect with family and friends and we help them save money. That’s a great day at the office!