Yes, you most certainly can. Chipmunk Tel uses Bluetooth technology* to connect to your mobile phone. You can place calls and answer calls using your standard home cordless and corded phones connected to your mobile phone. It’s like having a 2nd phone line at home. Once your mobile phone and your Chipmunk Tel box have been set-up, when your mobile phone is in ‘Bluetooth range,” it will connect to your mobile phone automatically.

Left your cell in the bedroom? No problem. When someone calls your cell, answer the call on your home phone. Very cool!

Making Calls:

  • Make calls with the regular telephones connected to Chipmunk Tel.
  • Dial **8 and the destination phone number to route the call to your mobile phone’s service.
  • When a call is being made using Bluetooth, you will hear three short beeps, confirming the call is being made via the service on your mobile phone.

Receiving Calls:

  • Incoming calls to your mobile phone number will ring all your home telephones connected to Bluetooth.
  • Enjoy the convenience and comfort of your home handsets while using your mobile phone service plan.


* may require a Chipmunk Tel Bluetooth USB adapter.