Chipmunk Tel has been tested to work with some home security systems. For example Chipmunk Tel works with “The Monitoring Center (TMC).” But it may not be compatible with your home security systems. In such cases you may be required to maintain a telephone connection through your local exchange carrier in order to use any alarm monitoring functions for any security system installed in your home or business. You are responsible for contacting the alarm monitoring company to test the compatibility of any alarm monitoring or security system with Chipmunk Tel.

Chipmunk Tel recommends using Cellular Network alarm monitoring. This sends out the alarm via a cell phone signal. This is an option offered by all alarm monitoring companies. It is more secure since your system is still connected to the alarm company even if your power goes out or your phone lines are cut. Even the best burglar would have a hard time taking out the entire cell network. Contact your alarm monitoring company for more information on the Cellular Network monitoring options available.

If you are using Cellular Network monitoring for your home security system, there are no compatibility issues. Chipmunk Tel is the perfect solution for your home phone.