Music on hold is typically found on expensive business phone systems. On Chipmunk Tel it’s free. When an active call is placed on hold, the caller will hear music while they wait on line. To put a call on hold, press the “flash” button on your phone or depress and release the switch hook on the telephone. By default the music Chipmunk Tel uses is Easy Listening. If you prefer another type of music, the following options are available:

  • No Music, Intermittent Bleep: Silent, but with a subtle intermittent bleep sound to let your callers know that they are still on the line while they hold.
  • Away in the Tropics: These tracks deliver sounds of ukulele, steel drums, and steel guitars.
  • Coffee and Sunrise: Uplifting without being perky, and positive without being too smiley.
  • Coffee Shop Acoustic: Soothing, acoustic guitar tracks makes for a relaxed feel and sets a great atmosphere.
  • Easy Listening: Smooth, casual tunes. The Chipmunk Tel default.
  • Guitar Alchemy: Clever harmonics and progressive chord sequences to create a joyful and warming musical experience.
  • Happy Endings: Uplifting, commercial style. Guitar, drums, ukulele, harmonica and bells.
  • Light and Casual: Soothing and peaceful songs with a light, positive feeling.
  • Orchestral Moods: Emotional and dramatic tales spun by violins, pianos and full orchestras.
  • Piano Mix: Smooth Piano
  • Rock Me Easy: Feel-good music to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Spa Sounds: Soft, slow and serene instrumentals.

Contact your Chipmunk Tel representative to change your preferences to any of the above. A tiny fee may apply.

You can listen to the Music on Hold selections anytime on your Chipmunk Tel phone. Lift your handset and when you hear the dial tone, dial the following numbers for a preview (***, the 2 digits, followed by the #):

*** 89#: Away in the Tropics
*** 90#: Coffee and Sunrise
*** 91#: Coffee Shop Acoustic
*** 92#: Easy Listening
*** 93#: Guitar Alchemy
*** 94#: Happy Endings
*** 95#: Light and Casual
*** 96#: Orchestral Moods
*** 97#: Piano Mix
*** 98#: Rock Me Easy
*** 99#: Spa Sounds

Try it on your speakerphone for some relaxing background music. Enjoy!